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Investigator Agreement

Tangata whakawhanake - to improve people’s lives.

We are a network of leading researchers united in a common goal: to create and explore innovative, sustainable materials that will improve the lives of people in Aotearoa and around the world. We work together and partner with industry and government to address global challenges such as clean water, renewable energy and climate change. 

As an Institute we operate from a set of core values that direct our research and underpin who we are and the way we do things. We will, on an ongoing basis, work together to refine and further develop these core values and in so doing, grow a meaningful future together.

Our intention

  • To use materials science to treasure the taonga that is our planet Papatūānuku and to use her resources wisely, through new discovery, and to create climate mitigation technologies.
  • To create an equitable, diverse and inclusive future for humanity on this planet, through new discovery of technology for abundant renewable energy, carbon capture and conversion, energy efficiency, and the sustainable and responsible use and reuse of materials. 

As Investigators we all have a shared responsibility to deliver on our contract as a CoRE with TEC. 

This includes:

  • Science objectives as specified in the research plan (Principal Investigators only)
  • Emerging Science Plan (as funded through contestable funds)
  • Graduate outcomes through PhD training and human capital development
  • Equity objectives, including greater inclusion and diversity
  • Mātauranga Māori research and work with Māori communities to deliver on Vision Mātauranga
  • Education and Outreach goals, and to deliver on Ka Hikitia and the Pacific Education Action Plan
  • Commercialisation and Industry engagement for economic impact

In order to enable all Investigators to help us to deliver, we set out expectations in our Investigator Agreement so that these are clear and transparent, and so that you know what you can expect of us. 


  • Principal Investigators (PIs) will contribute to the MacDiarmid Institute Science Programmes as specified in our Plan supplied to TEC, and report against milestones annually.
  • Associate Investigators (AIs) will contribute to the MacDiarmid Institute network and build connectivity using their discretionary funds.
  • Principal Investigators and Associate Investigators are entitled to a set amount of discretionary funds per annum which will be paid to them via their institutions. All Investigators will be responsible for budget management with regard to their discretionary funds.
  • All research students, assistants, and postdoctoral fellows supervised by Institute Investigators are considered members of the Institute and eligible for all forms of MacDiarmid Institute support, subject to support specific participation criteria. The available support includes membership of MESA, and alumni opportunities including internships for PhD students. To enable this, all Investigators are expected to provide up to date student, assistant and postdoctoral fellow details on an ongoing basis.
  • All investigators will encourage their students, assistants and postdoctoral fellows to participate in outreach activities when opportunities arise.
  • All Investigators will use the MacDiarmid Institute affiliation in publications and presentations.
  • All Investigators will use their best efforts to engage with the Institute regarding media attention to relevant research, including where possible, working alongside MI comms. This may include projects to tell the stories behind the research by identifying key discovery/news steps as projects approach significant dates; sharing upcoming award or funding announcements; and including commercialisation news where relevant and where commercial confidentiality can be appropriately maintained.
  • To enable successful scientific collaborations, industry engagement and commercial activities there is a need to at times share confidential information. All Investigators will respect the confidentiality required to enable these activities and take all reasonable steps to prevent disclosure or misuse of the confidential information shared between parties, even in the absence of a formal non-disclosure agreement being in place.

All Investigators will adhere to the following polices:

  • Our Mātauranga Māori research policy
  • Our Supervision Policy
  • Our Equity Policy (including the Code of Conduct for Institute events and the Sponsorship Policy referred therein, as well as our Childcare Policy)
  • Our Communications Policy
  • Our Branding Policy
  • Supervision Expectations
  • The Royal Society Te Apārangi Code of Professional Standards and Ethics.

Delivery on these expectations will form part of the Investigator Review Processes. These will occur at regular intervals, starting in year 3 of the contract (to enable our mid-term review). Any sustained breach of these expectations may also be referred to the Directors in advance of the Review, and if issues continue, Investigator status may be revoked. 

All aforementioned Policies can be downloaded as PDFs in the Code of Conduct and Policies page.

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