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DiscoveryCamp 2021

Jan 17, 2021
Jan 22, 2021
Two options:
Massey University, Palmerston North; OR
University of Otago, Dunedin
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DiscoveryCamp 2021

Experience science in a fun, hands-on environment and work with some of New Zealand's top researchers! Hosted by the MacDiarmid Institute, DiscoveryCamp is a week-long science camp for current year 12 and 13 Māori and Pasifika students with a genuine passion for the sciences.

Applications for DiscoveryCamp 2021 are now open! 

Please contact us at with any questions.

The DiscoveryCamp program enhanced my interests in science as a Māori student and helped better my understanding of the material sciences. Being presented with this gateway to nanotechnology was an amazing experience, filled with great people and fun activities.

Attendee DiscoveryCamp Wellington, 2020

Mariah talks about DiscoveryCamp 2020

August 22, 2019

DiscoveryCamp 2018

Every January, a group of science-savvy and passionate Year 12 and 13 Māori and Pasifika students attend DiscoveryCamp, a one week science camp hosted by the MacDiarmid Institute. The 2018 cohort of DiscoveryCamp students made a short video of their time in Wellington showing the fun and hands-on work they did in and out of the lab with some of New Zealand’s top researchers.

January 25, 2018

Eden talks about DiscoveryCamp 2020

August 22, 2019

DiscoveryCamp 2021 application form

Welcome to the MacDiarmid Institute DiscoveryCamp application form!

Before starting your DiscoveryCamp application, please make sure you have all information to hand. This is important because you cannot return later to add missing information. You will need:

1. Contact details (phone and email) for your nominated parent or guardian

2. Contact details (phone and email) for your nominated referee teacher

3. Your school address (physical address, not postal)

4. A copy of your formal NCEA results (or equivalent). Please include copies of any awards, scholarships or prizes. Please name your file as follows: SURNAME-FirstName-Date-DISCOVERY-DocumentType, eg BROWN-Kate-30072019-DISCOVERY-NCEA

5. Your statement of motivation. We require a short paragraph outlining your reasons for applying for DiscoveryCamp, as well as what you hope to achieve (150 to 300 words max.)

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DiscoveryCamp is open to student of Māori or Pasifika descent. Please list your ethnicity. If NZ Māori, please list your Iwi (you may list more than one).

Contacting you

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Please upload only those documents requested in the following questions. 

Name your file as follows: SURNAME-First name-Date-DISCOVERY-DocumentType, eg: BROWN-Kate-30072019-DISCOVERY-NCEA

Do not upload references, or any further background material. Receipt of any documents not specifically requested could delay or invalidate your application.

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