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Future Leaders Programme - Annual Report 2018

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Future Leaders Programme - Annual Report 2018

8 April, 2019

Attendees at the Future Leaders Programme

Running alongside our annual symposium in Auckland, serial entrepreneur and pitch coach Daniel Batten facilitated a two-day ‘Future Leaders Programme’ for our students and postdocs. The Future Leaders Programme is our annual workshop for our emerging scientists to prepare them for life after a PhD or Postdoctoral study. Each year the programme is focused around either science communication, presentation skills and leadership or entrepreneurship.

This year the programme covered ‘soft skills’, such as how to have difficult conversations, the different stages of learning, and coaching techniques for different scenarios. Members had a safe environment to actively practise the skills presented. The skills learnt will allow members to be leaders – both personally and in working environments.

My expectations were exceeded. Daniel provided us leadership techniques, skills and mindsets that are relevant not only in laboratory environments, but in all areas and levels of work.

Future Leaders Programme student attendee