Looking ahead to the next 20 years

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Looking ahead to the next 20 years

13 April, 2023

We asked our Investigators and students where they saw the Institute in 20 years' time.
Here’s what they told us.

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What they said

  • Enhance. Grow together.
  • In 20 years the MacDiarmid Institute will be a key player in mining the valuable e-waste of previous generations. So Reconfigurable Systems to the max!
  • Continue to focus on sustainable New Zealand, also translate the knowledge/extend it to answer pressing problems facing the world at large.
  • Materials for a greener planet and skilled workforce.
  • Inspiring and uplifting people in Aotearoa and around the globe through passion, care and diligent determination to create a better world.
  • A guiding materials science organisation in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Greater inclusion of people with different backgrounds has led to new innovation and out of the box thinking.
  • The MacDiarmid Institute will be internationally recognised for the impact and benefits it has provided Aotearoa and the world through our research and commercialisation activities. We will find ways to not only stop the damage to our planet but also help it to regenerate its resources again.
  • An internationally recognised Hub and thinktank for Deeptech and Cleantech.
  • Having contributed to solving the world’s biggest issues, through advice, several successful startups and innovative findings, MacDiarmid Investigators and students prepare to fight the next round of global problems.
  • The MacDiarmid Institute’s name will be synonymous with green tech innovations around the country, not just within science circles.
  • More Māori and Pasifika representation.
  • There are many women and Māori in science. In 20 years, equity is not a problem anymore!!!
  • The MacDiarmid Institute will have helped to cut off the global warming and will have found a way to separate and store CO2 and how to reuse it.
  • Twenty years from now:
    • New innovative Greentech.
    • Working together With Mātauranga Māori.
    • Lots of events and workshops.
    • Nobel prize winners.
  • A lot more green economy spinoffs = NZ making big impact globally.
  • I really hope that in 20 years we will be able to keep looking after our planet and that we are completely carbon zero and that we will have found a cure for kauri dieback.
  • Future of industry focussed innovative tech implanted into global communities.
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