Partnering with The Spinoff - Annual Report 2018

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Partnering with The Spinoff - Annual Report 2018

8 April, 2019

We partner with The Spinoff online magazine to provide a platform for all kinds of science content for their large and growing audience. Here are some of the articles about MacDiarmid Institute science that made their way onto The Spinoff in 2018.

Feeling the force of fungi to stop it killing our forests
Page views: 610
Average time on page: 04:35
Facebook reach: 6,667

There's no renewable energy future without lithium
Page views: 1,877
Average time on page: 07:29
Facebook reach: 19,959
App views: 112

Computers have grown into energy gluttons, and it can't go on like this
Page views: 3,214
Average time on page: 04:50
Facebook reach: 23,113
App views: 173

Nicola Gaston on taking the wheel at the MacDiarmid Institute
Page views: 811
Average time on page: 04:06
Facebook reach: 10,002

Dancing with Atoms: the new documentary honouring the 'Sir Ed of science'
Page views: 451
Average time on page: 04:34
Facebook reach: 4,523

The bionic leaf: how artificial plant life could wipe out poverty
Page views: 1,739
Average time on page: 05:38
Facebook reach: 7.755

How to cool down your data
Page views: 884
Average time on page: 02:81