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Patent Activity - Annual Report 2021

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Patent Activity - Annual Report 2021

27 May, 2022

Note: where multiple inventors are named on a patent, only the MacDiarmid Institute member inventors are listed here.

Patenting activity by MacDiarmid Researchers in 2021

Patent Applications

(only MacDiarmid Investigators named)

Matthew Cowan Selective adsorption of gaseous alkenes into non-porous copper(i) complexes: controlling heat of adsorption and loading pressure US20210394155A1
Aaron Marshall Process to electrochemically extract dissolved metals and an apparatus thereof
Volker Nock and Renwick Dobson Microfluidic devices, systems and methods for providing an indication of a rheology of a substance AU2021902589A0

Microfluidic sealing valve and microfluidic circuit WO2021161229A1
Shane Telfer Metal-organic frameworks for gas adsorption CA3123380A
Mathew Anker Hydroarylation of olefins AU 2021901090
Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, Natalie Plank Biosensor device and methods US20210255184A1
Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, Jenny Malmström Electrospun matrix and method US20210128792A1
Geoff Jameson Single stranded DNA enzyme inhibitors AU2021900164A0
Bill Williams, Rob Ward Syringe pump WO2021194359A1
Patents Granted

(only MacDiarmid Investigators named)

Simon Granville, Eva Anton, Franck NataliBen Ruck,  Joe Trodahl and James McNulty Magnetic Materials and devices comprising rare earth nitrides - Granted South Korean patent application 10-2016-7030672
Eric Le Ru, Brendan Darby, Matthias Meyer, Assignee MaramaLabs Ltd Spectrometer apparatus for measuring spectra of a liquid sample using an integrating cavity US10983045B2
Our pipeline is strong

In addition to formal patenting, a range of invention disclosures were made by our researchers to their local technology transfer office. An invention disclosure is generally the step that commences the path to commercialisation for a scientific invention.

Our researchers have indicated that up to six startup companies are in planning to be spun out during 2022, and the majority of these will be seeking private investment. In addition, six of our affiliated startups have indicated they will be raising capital during 2022.

Capital raised $9.3 million
R&D spending $2.7 million
Employees 98
New employees commenced in 2021 21
Number of PhD employees 19
Number of MacDiarmid alumni employed 14
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