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Supporting science communication at The Spinoff

10 July, 2020

The Spinoff v2We continued our 3-year partnership with award-winning The Spinoff website to get research stories to a non-traditional science audience.

In 2019, 10 of the 89 stories on the Science page featured the work of MacDiarmid Institute researchers, and were viewed on average more than 2,400 times for longer than 6 minutes each view.

Mothers, daughters and overcoming bias in the science world
Page views: 1,801
Ave. Time on page: 07:31
Facebook Reach: 38,603

How the fertiliser of the future could help save New Zealand’s environment
Page views: 3,268
Ave. Time on page: 08:31
Facebook Reach: 37,596

Single use plastic is piling up. Is pyrolysis the answer?
Page views: 2,612
Ave. Time on page: 06:08
Facebook reach: 11,390

Building batteries that go beyond lithium
Page views: 2,701
Ave. Time on page: 07:36

WTF is molybdenum disulfide? An expert on why this nano-material matters
Page views: 2,158
Ave. Time on page: 07:32
Facebook reach: 27,903

The camp where young Māori and Pasifika explore the wonders of science
Page views: 2,856
Ave. Time on page: 03:22
Facebook reach: 43,928 and 199 clicks

Converting nitrates: science’s alternative solution for clean drinking water
Page views: 1,615
Ave. Time on page: 04:55
Facebook reach: 10,198

The cure for climate change could be in our own backyard
Page views: 1,833
Ave. Time on page: 04:55
Facebook reach: 7,988

After decades of service, the lithium-ion battery has won a Nobel Prize
Page views: 3,076
Ave. Time on page: 04:11
Facebook reach: 14,980

How to make solar electricity cheap? Move light sideways
Page views: 3,097
Ave. Time on page: 04:30
Facebook reach: 11,415