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Jon is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at Massey University. He conducted his PhD research at the University of Otago with Prof Sally Brooker (2009) working on spin-crossover systems. In 2010 he was awarded an Irish Research Council Science Engineering and Technology Postdoctoral Fellowship to conduct research into self-assembled luminescent materials at Trinity College Dublin under the mentorship of Prof Thorri Gunnlaugsson. He moved to the University of Southampton, UK as a lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry before joining Massey in 2018.

Research interests

Jon's research is focused on supramolecular materials characterisation/development and the applications of these materials containing functional d- & f-block systems. He aims to develop control and predictability over the preparation of materials, and in doing so develop new generation functional devices.  Attachment of his systems onto surfaces forms a key aspect of his research. He uses a range of techniques for this, however he has become well known for using Langmuir-Blodgett deposition as this allows for the controlled deposition of ultra-thin-films, a particularly useful technique for developing surface based materials.