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Dr Natalie Plank

Dr Natalie Plank

Principal Investigator

Tomorrow's Electronic Devices

+64 4 463 5031

School of Chemical and Physical Sciences
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
Wellington 6140


Dr Natalie Plank is a Lecturer in Physics in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences at Victoria University of Wellington. Natalie completed a BSc (Hons) in Astrophysics at The University of Edinburgh before doing an MSc in Microelectronics. She then completed her PhD on the functionalisation of carbon nanotubes for molecular electronics with Rebecca Cheung also at The University of Edinburgh.

After arriving in New Zealand she has been a Foundation for Science Research and Technology (FRST) postdoctoral fellow and has established the cleanroom fabrication facility at Victoria. Since becoming a MacDiarmid Institute Investigator she has been actively involved in the role of emerging scientists in New Zealand and was the founder and inaugural chair of MESA.

Research interests

Natalie’s research interests are in the area of nanomaterial device fabrication and the characterisation of novel materials. Her current work focuses on nanomaterial device platforms for sensing technology. She is interested in carbon nanotubes and ZnO nanowires for nanowire transistor applications and in particular the ability to functionalise the nanomaterial channels with specific biomarkers.

Natalie’s core interests are in low cost fabrication techniques which allow for high throughput of devices whilst maintaining the particular material properties of the unique nanowire system. This has been particularly important for device fabrication for both carbon nanotubes and ZnO nanowire transistors, where flexible electronics have huge potential.

First we have to tackle the science. And I find that really motivating.

Dr Natalie Plank
Dr Natalie Plank

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Natalie Plank - creating flexible electronics

March 21, 2019

Dr Natalie Plank explains how she is growing nanowires that can be manipulated to create electronic circuits on flexible films.

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