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Cancer cell triggers

Professor Maan Alkaisi in the lab in France

Professor Maan Alkaisi working at the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of System, at CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research

MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigator Professor Maan Alkaisi, University of Canterbury and his team are looking for the mechanism that triggers cancer.

They are exploring nano or micro-environmental conditions within and between cells and how these might play a role in disrupting the carefully controlled ‘code of cell conduct’ to cause run-away cell growth.

Essentially, they are studying the interaction between engineered and living biological matter.

Professor Alkaisi has spent time in Europe to further this research, which ultimately might offer a solution to the “one-size-fits-all” approach to cancer medication.

Trillions are spent on cancer drugs, which are generally not very effective. The goal is to have genetic and medical history profiles for each person so that the right drug, and the right amount of it, can be administered. Such individual profiles will also provide more accurate prediction of health risk. Invasive procedures may be replaced by simpler, cheaper diagnostic testing.

Professor Maan Alkaisi MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigator University of Canterbury

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More information on Professor Alkaisi’s research: Annual Report 2018 - page 38