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InternshipsAfter completion of a research degree, the MacDiarmid Institute offers three to six month internships to its affiliated graduates to enable them to gain experience in the field.

We have a comprehensive network of companies, start-ups, NGOs and government agencies with which we place graduates so they can experience working on real industry problems.

The companies and agencies involved in the internship programme are enthusiastic because they make contact with potential recruits, and expand their capacity to adopt and adapt technology and science research.

A number of government and non-governmental organisations have expressed interest in recruiting our PhD graduates as interns. These include:

  • Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment: in the Innovative Partnerships group
  • Ministry of Health: in radiation safety
  • Ministry for the Environment: in environmental innovation
  • World Wide Fund for Nature: in environmental innovation

Expressions of interest can be sent to Rosie Wayte and we can look to make introductions with the best point of contact.