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Into the marketplace

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The aim of our materials science and nanotechnology research is to positively transform people’s lives and to benefit New Zealand. To achieve this aim we seek to get our innovations into the marketplace, both nationally and internationally.

Commercialisation allows us to contribute to New Zealand’s high-value manufacturing (HMV) sector and export industry while also fostering business acumen in students. We are developing tomorrow’s leading researchers and entrepreneurs.

We bring materials scientists together with industry to create intellectual property, jobs and wealth for New Zealand.

Associate Professor Nicola Gaston MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigator Co-director of the MacDiarmid Institute University of Auckland

MacDiarmid Institute affiliated spinout companies

Our investigators and students have created numerous spinout companies to further develop and commercialise their innovations.

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Between 2002 to 2018, MacDiarmid Institute researchers patented 64 inventions, created 15 spinout companies and signed seven licence deals.

MacDiarmid Institute alumnus Dr Brendan Darby: a typical work day

MacDiarmid Institute alumnus and one of the team behind spinout company Marama Labs, creators of CloudSpec, Dr Brendan Darby talks about his work and describes his typical work day.

This video includes captions.

August 29, 2018