Dr Brendan Darby and cloudy liquids

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Dr Brendan Darby and cloudy liquids

Dr Brendan DarbyDr Brendan Darby has a PhD in physics and developed a new technique to analyse 'cloudy' solutions. Brendan helped launch start-up company MaramaLabs, which commercialised the spectrophotometer technique known as CloudSpec. It is used in industries such as viticulture and water treatment.

While doing his PhD at the MacDiarmid Institute, Brendan was chairman of the MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association (MESA) and aimed to get students thinking about commercialisation, other opportunities outside academia and increased collaboration.

During a PhD you need a very high level of endurance, a level of passion and a level of commitment. Those three elements are extremely important in the start-up world as well.

Dr Brendan Darby Physicist MaramaLabs

MacDiarmid Institute alumnus Dr Brendan Darby: a typical work day

MacDiarmid Institute alumnus and one of the team behind spinout company Marama Labs, creators of CloudSpec, Dr Brendan Darby talks about his work and describes his typical work day.

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August 29, 2018

Dr Brendan Darby on his startup company, Marama Labs

MacDiarmid Institute alumnus and co-founder of startup company Marama Labs Dr Brendan Darby talks about the challenge of using light spectroscopy to analyse cloudy liquids, and how CloudSpec - their new method of measuring cloudy samples - can help.

Dr Darby spends time with industry understanding how his technology can be used to help their processes, as well as continuing his research in the lab. He describes the similarities between the requirements for successfully completing a PhD - endurance, passion, and commitment - and those needed to successfully manage a startup.

Marama Labs hopes to to become a global company, and one of the leading spectroscopy companies in the world.

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August 9, 2018

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