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Dr Baptiste Auguié

Dr Baptiste Auguié

Associate Investigator

Towards Low Energy Tech - Hardware for Future Computing

+64 4 463 5547

Victoria University of Wellington
Room 522
Laby Building
Gate 7 Kelburn Parade


Baptiste Auguié is a Senior Lecturer at the Physics School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington.

Research interests

Baptiste studies the interaction of light with nano-structures. Much like a regular antenna is used to funnel electromagnetic waves into electronic devices, a nanoparticle can act as an antenna for light on a much smaller scale, localising light beyond the resolution of optical microscopes.

The scattering of light captures some information about material properties at the nanoscale, and even down to the molecular scale, which may be applied in non-intrusive optical sensors, but also in the light-harvesting design of solar cells, and novel display technologies.

I have always been passionate about the physical sciences at large and have also developed a keen interest in data analysis and visualisation.

Dr Baptiste Auguié