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Taniela Lolohea completed his PhD on exploring surface coatings and functional patterning using an atmospheric plasma jet printer at the University of Auckland, before continuing on in this research into a Postdoctoral Fellowship in plasma systems and coatings. Taniela is now a lecturer in Chemistry at Auckland University of Technology.

Research interests

Taniela’s research continues on from his Postdoctoral Fellowship, into exploring the fundamental aspects of plasma-material interactions and how these interactions can be utilized to control features of novel surface coatings. Ongoing collaborations see his plasma systems delve in sensor materials, bioprinting, alternative food security pathways and conductive polymer printing. Taniela works with a variety of plasma systems, atmospheric plasma jet printers, radio-frequency pulsed plasma jets, vacuum plasma systems.

Alongside this, Taniela is endeavouring to discover Pacific science knowledge systems, creating research with real life impact on his community. He looks to create research with impact together with Pacific communities, in partnership with Pacific communities, for the Pacific community. He hopes his work will encourage up and coming students to develop their naturally inquisitive minds in science and engineering.

“There is so much unexplored and interesting areas in both Plasma science and Pacific science! The acronyms of my areas must be linked, perhaps by fate...”

Dr Taniela Lolohea