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Dr Tim Kemmitt

Dr Tim Kemmitt

Emeritus Investigator

+64 4 569 0149

Callaghan Innovation
PO Box 31 310
Lower Hutt 5040


 Dr Tim Kemmitt is a Principal Research Scientist based at Callaghan Innovation, carrying out applied research for industry clients. He completed his PhD in Inorganic Chemistry in Southampton, UK in 1989.

Research interests

Tim's specialist areas of research are based in inorganic materials and nanotechnology applied to specialist coatings and thin films. Currently these include:

  • Metal alkoxides, sol-gel precursors and applications,
  • Functional oxides, ceramics, thick and thin films,
  • Formation of novel nanofunctional materials,
  • Formation of photocatalytic films and coatings,
  • Surfactants, colloids and dispersions.

What we’re going for is cheap solar panels to stick on people’s rooves... If industry is interested, that’s everything really as far as we’re concerned.

Dr Tim Kemmitt
Dr Tim Kemmitt