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Dr James Storey

Dr James Storey

Principal Investigator

Tomorrow's Electronic Devices

+64 4 463 0088

Robinson Research Institute
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 31310
Lower Hutt


Dr James Storey is a Senior Scientist at the Robinson Research Institute (VUW) based at Callaghan Innovation, Lower Hutt.

James completed his PhD in Physics at VUW in 2007 on the electronic structure and thermodynamic properties of high-temperature superconductors (HTS). In 2008 he moved to the UK to undertake postdoctoral research in the Quantum Matter Group at the University of Cambridge, specialising in high-resolution differential electronic specific heat measurements on the then newly-discovered iron-based HTS. He returned to New Zealand in 2011 as a MacDiarmid Institute postdoc before accepting his present position in 2014.

Research interests

James has dedicated his research career towards pursuing a fundamental understanding of high-temperature superconductors in terms of their electronic structures, through the measurement and computational modelling of their thermodynamic and transport properties.

He is expert in performing numerical calculations of physical properties from models of the electronic structure, and testing the results against real data from as many spectroscopic, thermodynamic and transport techniques as possible. He enjoys resolving conflicting interpretations from different experimental techniques.

A particular example is the nature of a mysterious partial energy gap in copper-oxide based high-temperature superconductors known as the pseudogap. As a Key Researcher on an Endeavour Fund project, entitled “World’s Fastest Superconducting Machine”, he also performs finite-element simulations of superconducting motor designs to power future hybrid-electric aircraft.

Positioning myself between theory and experiment, I am able to connect theories to data in more detail than pure experimentalists or theorists tend to do.

Dr James Storey

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