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Communications and media guidelines and support

As set out in the Investigator Agreement, all Investigators will use their best efforts to engage with the Institute regarding media attention to relevant research, including where possible, working alongside the MacDiarmid Institute communications. This may include projects to tell the stories behind the research by identifying key discovery/news steps as projects approach significant dates; sharing upcoming award or funding announcements; and including commercialisation news where relevant and where commercial confidentiality can be appropriately maintained. 

We remind researchers that communications relating to our Mātauranga Māori Research Programme, our Mātauranga Māori Research Policy, Te Ao Māori and our partnerships with Māori must be reviewed by the Deputy Director Māori.

Researchers must include a paragraph on communications considerations (including likely timelines for story capture and potential eventual publication opportunities) when applying for Institute funds (e.g., Sci Exec contestable funding). (This requirement is waived for Seed Funding or other applications where there is a confidentiality element to the proposal.)

We aim to grow the impact of MacDiarmid Institute communications by 

  1. Developing narrative through creating bookmarks and timelines – so we can tell a story effectively; 

  2. Create communications at key times e.g., publication of a paper/report, opening of something, a notable day, etc; We therefore ask researchers to keep in mind communications considerations (including timelines for story capture and eventual publication opportunities):  
    (i) ahead of award and publication announcements and peer review comments; 
    (ii) in relation to research projects and timelines, especially as projects approach significant dates; and 
    (iii) communication of and support for commercial work, as planned with the knowledge and input of the relevant TTO. 

  3. Ensure coverage – If we want coverage of our news, we need planning time to pitch stories and to give the media time to respond and plan – the media needs three days, a week if possible. Our communications people can help with this and are used to dealing with embargoes. We work only with trusted media. 

If you have something newsworthy coming up (a paper about to be published, job-related announcement, or anything cool your company is working on) and you’d like some help obtaining media around it, please email Vanessa Young, Strategic Engagement and Communications Manager (ideally well before the publication or announcement – we're used working with embargoed content).

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