Alumni Business Scholarships - Annual Report 2021

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Alumni Business Scholarships - Annual Report 2021

27 May, 2022

These scholarships will support the recipients to develop a more comprehensive commercial skillset to wrap around their existing scientific capabilities, with the aim of enhancing New Zealand’s deep tech commercial portfolio over time.

Two scholarships have been awarded for study in 2022.

Maryam Shojaei 

Postgraduate Certificate in Business at University of Canterbury.  

Untitled design 38With this scholarship, Dr Shojaei intends to develop the skills in 2022 that are required to take her science to a commercial space, enhancing her interest in the intersection between science and industry.

Samuel Martin Treceño

Postgraduate Certificate in Business (Professional) at Victoria University of Wellington

Untitled design 37With this scholarship, Dr Treceño (Policy Advisor at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) intends to build on his business acumen and lead strategic conversations in the policy space.






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