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An integrated research commercialisation approach

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An integrated research commercialisation approach

11 June, 2020

Our efforts towards supporting emerging science entrepreneurs are integrated with the initiatives of the MBIE funded Commercialisation Partner Network (KiwiNet, Return on Science and Momentum) as well as the commercialisation offices of each of our partner organisations.

This highly connected network that links students, experienced researchers, industry and investors helps NZ researchers achieve the network scale that enables us to increasingly compete internationally in deep tech commercialisation.

Our work provides an integrated approach to building commercial capability among researchers, linking with companies through our "Interface" industry engagement programme, and facilitating the work our partners undertake.

As an example, we may identify the potential for a researcher to focus on an industry challenge, make the relevant introductions to local companies who need the technology, advise on protecting the intellectual property and provide seed funding for projects that meet industry milestones, all to ensure the TTO has high quality opportunities to take to market.

The touchpoints of this approach are shown in the diagram below.

research commercialisation