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Chair's Report - Annual Report 2020

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Chair's Report - Annual Report 2020

30 March, 2021

It takes time, energy and sometimes a light sprinkle of magic dust to create a virtual entity that really works, that functions in almost every way as if it is a single high-performing ‘bricks and mortar’ organisation in its own right.

It takes a lot of skill to then get this virtual entity to produce outcomes and impact as good as any single physical entity, or better. And it takes great people to have a vision for that, and turn it into reality.

The MacDiarmid Institute is all of this. It is an example of an Institute where growth and development over time has made it stronger, more cohesive as an entity, united in purpose, and ever more capable of delivering the extraordinary outcomes and demonstrable impacts that come from the engagement of outstanding talent at scale. This can only be achieved in Aotearoa New Zealand through such multiplier mechanisms as the MacDiarmid Institute.

The Government’s decision to refund the Institute through to the end of 2028 recognises the Institute’s pedigree, international reputation and track record. Most importantly, the decision also recognises the Institute’s ambition and ability to continue delivering great outcomes for Aotearoa New Zealand’s future, a zero-carbon future with materials science playing a pivotal role.

On behalf of myself and the Board, I would like to extend sincere thanks to the entire MacDiarmid Institute family for all the hard work that has led to this outstanding result.

In particular, I wish to thank our Co-Directors and Deputy Directors for their leadership, and the management team for all their excellent work supporting the Institute.

I also want to acknowledge those who work alongside the Institute and who enable us to extend our reach in all that we do. Our partners at the university tech transfer offices, our commercial industry collaborators and our colleagues within the wider education and outreach sectors.

The stories within this report are testament to the powerful impacts made possible by working together. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Paul Atkins