Patent applications - Annual Report 2022

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Patent applications - Annual Report 2022

20 April, 2023

Patent Applications
Chris Bumby, Rod Badcock, Dylan Guja A mechanically-switched superconducting flux pump.
Chris Bumby, Rod Badcock, Jianzhao Geng, James Rice High temperature superconducting switches and rectifiers.
Chris Bumby, Rod Badcock, Jianzhao Geng, James Rice Improvements in superconducting switches.
Jack Chen, Bryan Andres Tiban Anrango Janus-type spherical cellulose nanoparticles
Geoff Jameson Hairpin DNA enzyme inhibitors. AU2022902039
Aaron Marshall Methods for Processing Materials Containing Iron and Zinc
Kim McKelvey Scanning bubble electrochemical microscopy
Ben Yin  System, method, and apparatus for enhancing a fluid.
Patents Granted
Matthew Cowan Selective adsorption of gaseous alkenes into non-porous
copper(I) complexes: controlling heat of adsorption and
loading pressure. US11517877B2
Nathaniel Davis Photon multiplying material. US11286420B2

Photon multiplying material and opto-electronic devices
equipped therewith. US11217761B2
Geoff Jameson Single stranded DNA enzyme inhibitors. WO2022162536A1
Franck NataliBen Ruck,  Joe Trodahl Ammonia production method and apparatus for ammonia
production. US11498844B2
Franck NataliBen Ruck,  Joe Trodahl, Jay Chan Rare earth nitride structures and devices and method for
removing a passivating capping. US11217743B2
Simon Granville, Eva AntonFranck NataliBen Ruck,  Joe Trodahl, James McNulty Magnetic materials and devices comprising rare earth
nitrides. EP3127125A2


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