Patents and spinouts 2018 - Annual Report 2018

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Patents and spinouts 2018 - Annual Report 2018

8 April, 2019

Details of invention disclosures

Chris Bumby
Ultrafast curing of wood glue using magnetic microparticle heating

Laura Domigan
Lens protein ocular adhesive

Aaron Marshall
Treatment of waste from galvanising industry
Novel carbon electrodes for redox batteries

Shane Telfer
Metal-organic frameworks for gas adsorption

Details of patent applications

Saurabh Bose
Neuromorphic network
US Patent Application 15/740,791

Justin Hodgkiss
Optical system for narrowing the bandwidth of radiation
NZ Patent Application 737899

Eric Le Ru
A spectrometer apparatus for measuring spectra of a liquid sample using an integrating category
PCT application WO2018070882A1

Jerome Leveneur
Ion beam sputtering apparatus and method

Jadranka Travas-Sejdic
Sensor device and methods
PCT Application WO2018116186A1

Geoff Waterhouse
Hydrogen production from aqueous alcohol mixtures over noble metal titanium dioxide supported photo- catalysts
PCT Application WO2018020344

David Williams
Conducting polymers and uses thereof
PCT Application WO2018047101
A fluid analytical device
PCT Application WO201810661

Details of patents granted

Margaret Brimble
Peptide compounds, conjugates thereof, and uses thereof
NZ Patent Application 784041
Quinoline sulfonamide compounds and their use as antibacterial agents
Peptide conjugate CGRP receptor antagonists and methods of preparation and uses thereof
Carbon-monoxide releasing norbornenone compounds
US Patent Application 2018/0346420
Amino acid and peptide conjugates and uses thereof
US Patent Application 15/535,956

Vladimir Golovko
Photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide and water into substituted or unsubstituted hydrocarbon(s)

Carla Meledandri
Assembly of micelle aggregates of surfactant micelles and silver nanoparticles and use as antibacterial agent
US Patent 10,064,891
Glass ionomer cement containing silver nanoparticles

Franck Natali
Rare earth nitride and group III – nitride structure or device
US Patent 10,043,871 B1

Jadranka Travas-Sejdic
Methods and apparatus for amplifying nucleic acids
US Patent Application 14/738,179

David Williams
Methods and apparatus for quantification of nucleic acid amplification by monitoring of impedance
US Patent Application 2016/004697

Spinout formed in 2018

Kyle Webster