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Patents and Spinouts - Annual Report 2020

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Patents and Spinouts - Annual Report 2020

31 March, 2021

Patenting to achieve market access

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The White Rabbit microfluidic syringe pump.

One of the early considerations on the path to market for materials science is what should be patented and why.

Our researchers are developing a deep pipeline of intellectual property (IP), including some that are best published, some that need to be patented in order to achieve their intended benefit, and some that demand a combined patent and publish strategy.

Our CIE team works closely with our researchers and member Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) to explore the potential impact of scientific discoveries that could be commercialised. Early consideration of the IP strategy helps researchers plan their research to achieve optimal academic and commercial impact. Through our early ‘seed funding’ rounds we have financially supported five research projects this year to
refine their market research or IP strategy and by doing so, increased their speed to market and likelihood of ultimate success. MacDiarmid Institute researchers have submitted ten patent applications in 2020 (see additional detail in following table).

Patenting activity by MacDiarmid Researchers in 2020

Patent Applications

(only MacDiarmid Investigators named)

Volker Nock Microfluidic sealing valve and microfluidic circuit 
Margaret Brimble Methanogen Inhibitors (1)
Margaret Brimble Methanogen Inhibitors (2) 
Rob Ward and Bill Williams Syringe pump 
Aaron Marshall Process to extract dissolved metals and recover hydrochloric acid and
apparatus thereof
Simon Brown Nanoparticle networks 
Simon BrownSaurabh Bose Percolating Switching Devices 
Jérôme Leveneur, John Kennedy Ion beam sputtering apparatus and method 
Chris Bumby A superconducting switch 
Laura Domigan Biomaterials and Methods Related Thereto 
Patents Granted

(only MacDiarmid Investigators named)

Marcus Jones Quantum Dot Light Emitting Devices
Marcus Jones Methods and Compositions for Biosensing
Simon Granville, Eva Anton, Ben RuckFranck Natali, Joe Trodahl  Magnetic materials and devices comprising rare earth nitrides
Simon Granville, Ben Ruck, Franck NataliJoe Trodahl Doped rare earth nitride materials and devices comprising same 
Eric Le Ru Spectrometer apparatus for measuring spectra of a liquid sample
using an integrating cavity 
Affiliated start-ups formed

White Rabbit, led by Dr Rob Ward: microfluidic devices including syringe pump and ultra-high
temperature microfluidic chips.