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31 March, 2021

Better Work Stories

#Better Work Stories, Dr Bhuvana Kannan: turning real science into a real product

We supported high school students as they began to prepare for life and study after high school during a confusing and uncertain time. During the Level 4 lockdown, we launched #BetterWorkStories, a series of videos featuring our alumni discussing where their studies in materials science have taken them. Each video was repackaged with questions for students to reflect on while studying at home. The videos were shared widely, including by the House of Science which featured the videos on their website as a top link for activities especially suited to do at home during the Covid-19 lockdown.

We also hosted virtual lab visits with secondary school students who won places in the Innovative Young Minds programme. Students were able to connect with us online, dropping in ‘virtually’ on labs through Victoria University of Wellington, through livestreams on Facebook and Instagram, rechargeable batteries, to hear our researchers talk about solar cells and superconductors.