Space and Science Festivals - Annual Report 2018

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Space and Science Festivals - Annual Report 2018

8 April, 2019

Speaking at the Space and Science Festival

We had broad based and high profile MacDiarmid Institute engagement across the entire Space and Science Festival in the Wairarapa and Wellington.

The MESA team ran the largest and busiest area of activities.

Associate Investigator Dr Catherine Whitby gave a talk in the main hall, and then took part in a four- strong ‘Women in Science’ live panel alongside NASA Astronaut Dr Yvonne Cagle, NASA scientist Dr Jen Blank and engineer Emily Melhuish from Rocket Lab.

Principal Investigator Professor Thomas Nann spoke about the energy revolution.

We were also delighted to be able to support the free talk by physicist and former astronaut Trainer Laura Winterling. Ms Winterling spoke in Wellington on astronaut training and life on board the International Space Station.