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Sustainable battery materials

31 March, 2021

DSC 0268 v2 ResizedImageWzgyOSw1NTNdMany of our researchers are making strides into new materials for energy storage. One project approaching the market is the development of an aluminium-ion battery material.

Dr Shalini Divya has recently completed her PhD working on new materials to replace lithium-ion batteries and is now forging her path as co-founder of the fresh spinout company, TasmanIon. The company aims to ensure the rapidly increasing global demand for batteries is met with a more sustainable alternative. Aluminum is a more abundant element than lithium and can be more easily recycled, leading to lower lifecycle impacts on our environment.

Like other deep tech opportunities, modern battery development and commercialisation is complex, time-consuming, and needs long-term support. Dr Divya has received MacDiarmid Institute support to take the technology to market, and we are pleased to contribute alongside Wellington UniVentures and her academic supervisors (Professors Thomas Naan and Jim Johnston). The coming year for TasmanIon will include finalising the seed investments and then pursuing technical milestones to develop a better battery prototype.

The chance to translate my PhD project into a sustainable commercial product is a dream come true.

Dr Shalini Divya Co-founder TasmanIon