Women in the MacDiarmid Institute - Annual Report 2021

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Women in the MacDiarmid Institute - Annual Report 2021

1 June, 2022

Our Women in MacDiarmid Institute Network was quietly supporting our women researchers this year. In August at the start of lockdown, we held an online meeting to share worries, offer each other support, strategies, and different perspectives. Associate Investigator Dr Emilia Nowak also continued her individual coaching to develop individual talent, skills and knowledge to bring depth and insight to a person’s strengths profile, enabling them to get the best out of their work, professional development and improving their work/life balance. These sessions are particularly useful as they are targeted to the individual and allow for multiple sessions as needed.

I’d been feeling overwhelmed and distracted by other people’s demands. This strengths workshop made me realize how these (strengths) can enhance
my work and overall life.

I often think back to the sessions, and it has helped me understand how I work/think and approach my days.

Workshop participant