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AMN8 Outreach

28 March, 2017

680 secondary school students came along to hear and be inspired by David Leigh in Christchurch. Professor Leigh also appeared on RNZ and was featured in an article about molecular machines by TheSpinoff.

An enthusiastic crowd of 200 people turned up to listen to Henry Snaith and Justin Hodgkiss at the Royal Society in Wanaka. Professor Snaith was also featured on RNZ and TheSpinoff. Professor Hodgkiss shares his experiences in founding a company based on research that was conducted in his group.

Shotover Primary School kids loved having Albert Folch along, teaching science through soccer.

The Women in Science panel of Silvia Giordani, Natalie Stingelin and Carla Meledandri attracted a lot of interest and enthusiasm, both from media (Channel 39) and from those who attended.

In Nelson Juliet Gerrard’s talks at the Suter Gallery and then, the next day, at a school, were received great interest and enthusiasm by all who attended.

Nanodiamonds may replace common techniques to administer drugs.

The MacDiarmid Institute faciliates the New Zealand nano-revolution.

Professor Colin Raston talks about how the ‘Vortex Fluid Device’ may unfold proteins at TheSpinoff.

Dr Carla Meledandri has found a way to use charged antibacterial silver nanocomposite structures ‘to sterilise dentine prior to the placement of a dental restorative material’.

Ben Mallett tries to increase the critical temperature at which ordinary materials turn into superconductors by investigating the relation between magnetism and superconductivity – he places superconductors in close proximity to magnetic materials.

Rachel Segalman talks about the thermoelectric potential of polymers.

MacDiarmid Institute International Science Advisory Board member Professor Thomas Schimmel spoke to Jesse Mulligan at RNZ about the Salvinia fern and how its properties might enable them to build ‘ships that will never get wet’.

Silvia Giordani works on nanoparticles and their medical applications.