AMN8 Queenstown: Women in Science panel

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AMN8 Queenstown: Women in Science panel

22 March, 2017

AMN8 Queenstown: Women in Science panel

Three female nanoscientists discuss their lives and work at the ‘AMN8 Trio – Women in Science panel’ – a public engagement event held in Queenstown during AMN8 in February 2017.

Three women at the forefront of nano science discussed their work and the hurdles they faced during the AMN8 conference this week.

The 11-year-old girl in the front row raised her hand.

“I have a comment rather than a question,” she told the panel of three women scientists. “I’m really impressed because you followed your dreams and it all worked out well.”

The conference room in the Queenstown hotel was packed with members of the public to hear from those scientists, whose careers started with innocuous beginnings.

Carla Meledandri, Silvia Giordani and Natalie Stingelin all spoke about their journeys from small towns in America, Switzerland and Italy to lives that have traversed the globe, all propelled by scientific endeavour...

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