AMN8: Unfolding of proteins

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AMN8: Unfolding of proteins

22 March, 2017

Professor Colin Raston, speaker at AMN8 Queentown, talks about how the ‘Vortex Fluid Device’ may unfold proteins.

The inventor of the Vortex Fluid Device tells Charles Anderson how the machine that famously converted a boiled egg back into its original state could have huge implications.

The boiled egg has both blessed and haunted Professor Colin Raston.

For the past two years whenever he has traveled from his home in Adelaide to myriad conferences around the world there is always one question people ask: 

“You’re not one of the guys that unboiled the egg are ya?”

Raston is. He is one of those guys that unboiled an egg. Even at AMN8 he cannot get through his presentation without mentioning it at least once. 

But it was never about the egg. What Raston was trying to do was to find a economic and efficient way of unfolding proteins – a sticky issue for the pharmaceutical industry...

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