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Dr Franck Natali in a good position to create impact

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Dr Franck Natali in a good position to create impact

26 August, 2019

A newly created position at Viclink—known as ‘Innovator-in-Residence’—is helping a Victoria University of Wellington researcher to commercialise the many good ideas coming out of his research group, so that their discoveries can begin solving real-world problems sooner.

Franck Viclink

Dr Franck Natali—a Senior Lecturer in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, and lead scientist in the University’s Advanced Materials Lab—is spending two days a week in the Viclink office as the company’s first Innovator-in-Residence.

“The role gives me considerable scope to develop the intellectual property (IP) that the group has developed over recent years,” says Franck, who is now literally working alongside Viclink to develop commercialisation strategies for the IP. 

“I sit right next to Viclink’s IP Manager—and in the middle of the IP Commercialisation team—so I have all the expertise, support and mentoring I need at my fingertips now.”

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The next generation of computer memory storage

Dr Natali was also granted US patents for two different inventions on rare-earth nitrides within a few months.

Check out what the next generation of cryogenic computer memory storage may look like and how we can combine materials with different crystallographic properties.

You can read the patents here: https://bit.ly/2Z6bswq and https://bit.ly/2H5jyPQ