AMN10 Plenary speaker Professor Kathleen J. Stebe

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AMN10 Plenary speaker Professor Kathleen J. Stebe

6 March, 2020

Kathleen J Stebe - Goodwin Professor in the School Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania - will be a plenary speaker at the 10th International Conference on Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology (AMN10).

Stebe webProfessor Stebe is a renowned materials scientist and her research focuses on directed assembly in soft matter and at fluid interfaces, with an emphasis on confinement, geometry, and emergent structures for novel functional materials.

After receiving a B.A in Economics at the City College of New York and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at the Levich Institute advised by Charles Maldarelli. After a post-doctoral year in Compiegne, France under the guidance of Dominique Barthes-Biesel, she joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, where she became Professor and served as the department chair. Thereafter, she joined the University of Pennsylvania, where she served as department chair prior to her service as Deputy Dean. 

Professor Stebe is one of many materials scientists who will be giving high-impact plenary and keynote presentations at AMN10. The AMN conference series is interdisciplinary and covers a broad variety of topics in nanotechnology and materials science. It brings together material scientists, chemists, physicists, biologist and engineers resulting in stimulating discussions that bridge the range from building electronic devices to the study of protein structures.

Read more about the conference at the AMN10 website.

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