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Materials Scientist and Engineer Positions at Liquium (two-years fixed-term contract)

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Materials Scientist and Engineer Positions at Liquium (two-years fixed-term contract)

3 December, 2021

Come join us to build the future of ammonia and shipping industry!

About Liquium: 

Liquium’s vision is to trade ammonia by building and selling new, efficient, green, decentralized ammonia plants to align with renewable energy and support the maritime sector as the next clean liquid fuel.

Our technology are a novel family of inorganic alloy catalysts that can synthesise ammonia under very mild conditions allowing us to reimagine how ammonia can be utilized as the next clean fuel for heavy industries and its production can be decentralized and more cost effective.

The focus for Liquium over the next couple of years is to optimize our ammonia synthesis process and demonstrate kg scale ammonia production in a single day.

Liquium has made significant strides toward this massive industrial transformation and have gained the support from the Breakthrough Energy Program, from the Bill Gates foundation. We have scope for employing up to four materials scientists/chemical engineers to be part of the team with Assoc. Prof Franck Natali in a new R&D facility at Victoria University of Wellington. 

About the role: 

We are looking for up to four materials scientists/chemical engineers that will be responsible for designing and developing catalyst materials for ammonia production and running experiments and trials with the new ammonia reactor. The new hires are expected to be involved across the whole ammonia production process and work collaboratively together. The roles are two-year fixed-term contracts.

The positions are opened to candidates with a PhD degree in Chemistry, or Physics or a related subject, ideally with experience as a postdoctoral researcher, engineer or scientist in R&D settings and start-up environment.

We are seeking individuals that are keen to be part of the Liquium team and help grow this exciting new company, you should have strong communication skills, team player collaboration mentality, highly motivated, and strong individual management.

For further information or to apply:

Please email a CV and cover letter to