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Micronutrient profiling of human breast-milk derived exosomes

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Micronutrient profiling of human breast-milk derived exosomes

12 April, 2018

Frontiers in Genetics paper about studying exosomes derived from human breast milk from MacDiarmid alumni and VUW lecturer Dr Renee Goreham and MacDiarmid PI Professor Thomas Nann.

"Exosomics" — A Review of Biophysics, Biology and Biochemistry of Exosomes With a Focus on Human Breast Milk

More info:

A collaborative review article on exosomes found in breastmilk, paying particular attention to the proteomics and biochemistry. This review was motivated by the research interests of Martin Kussmann from the Liggins Institute, who looks at the early-life nutrition and health of infants and their lactation mothers.

In collaboration with MacDiarmid Institute investigators, Renee Goreham and Thomas Nann, who have research interests in exosomes and researchers from the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute in Barcelona, we aim to throughly investigate the proteomics of exosomes derived from breastmilk. Our current collaborative project investigates the biochemistry of exosomes in breastmilk, which to date is still poorly understood. This work will provide further insights into the complex nature of breastmilk and the corresponding exosomes.

This review provides a summary of the limited work conducted in this area and details where future research is required.