Laura Domigan on growing bio-materials for eye surgery

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Laura Domigan on growing bio-materials for eye surgery

biomaterials as surgical tools250 corneal transplants are performed in New Zealand each year. More are needed but, as with most organ transplants, there are not enough donors.

MacDiarmid Institute Associate Investigator, Dr Laura Domigan, University of Auckland, is working with ophthalmic surgeons to learn all she can about eye anatomy.

On RNZ's Nine to Noon, she discusses her research creating biomaterials that are strong enough to replace or repair corneal tissue, degrade at the same rate as the host cells and are also accepted by the surrounding cells.

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October 16, 2019

"The dream is to construct and repair what nature has taken billions of years to design."

Dr Laura Domigan Associate Investigator The MacDiarmid Institute

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For more information on Dr Domigan's research into biomaterials: Annual report 2018 - page 16