Sci Fi/Sci Fact - Star Trek: Turnabout Intruder

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Sci Fi/Sci Fact - Star Trek: Turnabout Intruder

Turnabout Intruder is the twenty-fourth and final episode of Star Trek. In the episode, a woman switches bodies with Captain Kirk and then tries to take over command of the Enterprise. 

Jan Eldridge, Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Auckland on the facts behind the fiction of the Star Trek mind-swap episode - Turnabout Intruder.

"I work in astronomy where we go and look at the Universe and we study these explosions, and how the Universe evolves, and stars evolve and it’s so wonderfully complex. And then you suddenly realise, oh hang on… us individually, and our society, and the way we interact are wonderfully, beautifully complex as well."Sci FiSci Fact Jan Eldridge

April 23, 2022