Dr Cosmin Laslau and Lux Research

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Dr Cosmin Laslau and Lux Research

After gaining a BSc at the University of Toronto, Cosmin Laslau moved to New Zealand to gain a MSc and a PhD from the University of Auckland and the MacDiarmid Institute.

Cosmin was one of the team to start up MESA, the MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association. His career has been a mix of study, research and commercialisation and he uses all these skills as Director of Research Products at Lux Research in Boston.

Cosmin leads the development of next-generation research tools and features, including applied machine learning, data source selection and implementation, and advanced visualisation.

His research has often been quoted in the press, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Nature, and The Atlantic, as well as being featured at invited conferences around the world.

Cosmin credits his attraction to the commercialisation side of science to his time at the MacDiarmid Institute and MESA.

The area that gets the most interest from companies out there is advanced materials. The MacDiarmid Institute is well positioned in that it covers an area of special interest, and even though the exact areas may change, the overall umbrella of advanced materials and nanotechnology will continue to be around and continue to be of interest.

Cosmin Laslau Director of Research Products Lux Research