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Dr Harry Warring and Rocket Lab

Dr Harry WarringDr Harry Warring studied with MacDiarmid Institute Principal Investigator Dr Ben Ruck as a research assistant then a PhD student from 2010 to 2016. He was chair of the MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association (MESA) during that time.

Harry is now Senior Vehicle Test Engineer at Rocket Lab, the first company to successfully launch an orbital-class rocket from a private launch site.

Rocket Lab is renowned for only taking on the brightest talents. Harry submitted his thesis on a Thursday, interviewed for Rocket Lab on the Friday and started work a week later. He says the skills he picked up during his MacDiarmid Institute PhD were easily transferred to the hi-tech sector.

It was all the extras - the ‘other’ skills we built up, through being part of the MacDiarmid Institute - especially the seminars, and boot-camps. On the one hand you’re the world expert on a certain topic, but on the other, you have a bunch of skills that can lead you onto some really exciting job options.

Dr Harry Warring Senior Vehicle Test Engineer Rocket Lab

MacDiarmid Institute alumnus Dr Harry Warring: Rocket Lab

MacDiarmid Institute alumnus Dr Harry Warring profiles his role at Rocket Lab and how he uses his materials science knowledge gained through his PhD.

This video includes captions.

November 2, 2018