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House of Science - Annual Report 2019

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House of Science - Annual Report 2019

19 March, 2020

As the first national partner of the House of Science, we sponsor the NanoChem box, one of the most requested boxes for teachers. We have 13 kits in circulation (with another one on order). In 2019 the NanoChem box has been in 210 classrooms, with 7,350 children engaging in nanoscience.

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Student quotes:

“It was so fun making the flubber. After I put the two things in the beaker I had to stir it. It was still wet but then after that it started to go slimy. I really like making it because I have never done it before. I never wanted it to end.”

“I really liked making the flubber because it was gooey. We needed to put in some blue glue and we also needed to add some clear liquid. We had to keep stirring it. It was fun to play with because when you put it in your hands it felt like soft marshmallow. It smelt a bit stinky but I still loved it.”

Teacher quotes:

“My class loved this kit and were very motivated! Such a great initiative.” (Mangapapa School, Gisborne)

“This was a hot favourite in my class. The kids loved the experiments and the microscopic camera was a hit!” (Pirinoa School, Wairarapa)

“Kids loved making the flubber. We enjoyed discussing whether it was a solid or a liquid. We also discussed whether there was a physical change or a chemical change. It was great having all the equipment ready to go!” (Pirinoa School, Wairarapa)

“Awesome kit! The kids loved it and it generated great discussion and ideas.” (Oroua Downs School, Himatangi)

“We had a really great week with the Nano science kit. Such a great resource!” Cheers (Kahutara School, Masterton)

“I have 7-year-olds running around talking about polymerisation and crystallisation and blowing their teachers away! So on behalf of all those schools who have had the pleasure to use the kit, and those waiting on their turn, thanks so much!” (East Bay School)  

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