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Researcher profiles - Annual Report 2019

Four of our researchers talk about their work and why they joined the MacDiarmid Institute.

Modified: May 25, 2020, 10:09 AM

Created: May 25, 2020, 10:00 AM

9th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology - Annual Report 2019

AMN9 is much more than a typical Materials Science conference.

Modified: May 15, 2020, 5:44 PM

Created: May 15, 2020, 3:32 PM

High impact publications - Annual Report 2019

This diagram shows the number of high impact publications over time.

Modified: May 15, 2020, 2:27 PM

Created: May 15, 2020, 2:23 PM

Hon James Shaw lab visit

Last September, Climate Change Minister, Hon James Shaw, checked out some of our climate mitigation materials research.

Modified: May 15, 2020, 2:01 PM

Created: May 14, 2020, 5:33 PM

The changing face of the MacDiarmid Institute - Annual Report 2019

This diagram shows the number of Principal Investigators at the Institute each year.

Modified: May 15, 2020, 3:31 PM

Created: Apr 21, 2020, 12:12 PM

Disruptive science for sustainable fertiliser - Annual Report 2019

Globally, ammonia-based fertilisers are responsible for supporting 50 percent of the world’s food production and is one of the single largest chemical industrial processes on Earth.

Modified: May 15, 2020, 5:55 PM

Created: Apr 21, 2020, 11:57 AM

Moiré patterns - Annual Report 2019

The heat coming off your laptop or mobile phone represents a huge loss of electrical energy. A loss an energy-hungry, climate- challenged world can ill afford.

Modified: May 15, 2020, 5:55 PM

Created: Apr 17, 2020, 3:17 PM

Dr Jenny Malmström - Annual Report 2019

When Dr Jenny Malmström arrived in New Zealand fresh out of her PhD nine years ago to take up an 18-month postdoc position at the University of Auckland, a permanent position and the prospect of her own research lab seemed a long way off.

Modified: May 15, 2020, 5:56 PM

Created: Apr 17, 2020, 3:01 PM

Chair's Report - Annual Report 2019

The theme for the Institute’s symposium this year – ‘Haumi ē, hui ē, tāiki ē!’ – sums up what the MacDiarmid Institute is all about.

Modified: May 25, 2020, 9:37 AM

Created: Apr 17, 2020, 1:40 PM

Co-Directors' Report - Annual Report 2019

A major focus for the MacDiarmid Institute in 2019 was building the proposal for our next eight years of CoRE funding.

Modified: May 25, 2020, 9:37 AM

Created: Apr 17, 2020, 12:28 PM

House of Science - Annual Report 2019

In 2019 we continued our partnership with the House of Science to help raise scientific literacy in schools.

Modified: Mar 19, 2020, 11:55 AM

Created: Mar 19, 2020, 11:28 AM

Taking essential metals into a zero-carbon future - Annual Report 2019

Steel and vanadium could be cleaned up thanks to our scientists.

Modified: Apr 20, 2020, 1:25 PM

Created: Mar 16, 2020, 11:56 AM

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