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20 August, 2020

Chemistry An Asian Journal 14 8 2019Sally Brooker
Guest editor for Special Issue: Chemistry in New Zealand
Chemistry – An Asian Journal 14,
1084-1303 (2019)





Dalton Transactions 48 41 2019Sally Brooker and George Kostakis
Modern coordination chemistry
Dalton Transactions 48,
15318–15320 (2019)





MedChemComm 10 5 2019Margaret Brimble and coworkers
Synthesis of Endolides A and B;
Naturally Occurring N-Methylated Cyclic Tetrapeptides
MedChemComm 10,
693-698 (2019)




Chemistry A European JournalMargaret Brimble and coworkers
A Versatile Boc Solid Phase Synthesis of Daptomycin and Analogues using Site Specific,
On-resin Ozonolysis to Install the Kynurenine Residue
Chemistry: A European Journal 25,
14101-14107 (2019)




Advanced Healthcare Materials Vol 8 No 15 Aug 2019Jadranka Travas-Sejdic and co-workers
Neural Tissue Engineering: Human Neural Tissues from Neural Stem Cells
Using Conductive Biogel and Printed Polymer Microelectrode Arrays for 3D Electrical Stimulation
Advanced Healthcare Materials 8,
1970062 (2019)