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Affiliated start-ups - Annual Report 2019

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Affiliated start-ups - Annual Report 2019

14 June, 2020

We now have 19 affiliated start-up companies, on average one for each year of the Institute’s existence, which employ upwards of 85 people.

Our informal survey of recent Institute alumni revealed that they are employed in at least 13 separate NZ deep tech start-ups, including four of our own affiliated start-ups and three Interface partners. Three of these alumni are start-up CEOs (at Marama Labs, Litmaps and Inhibit Coatings).

Start-ups are just one model for commercialisation; MacDiarmid Institute scientists have additionally developed 73 patented inventions.

2019 spinouts

MacDiarmid Institute affiliated start-ups

R&D Spending (2018 and 2019) $10,300,000*
Employees (FTEs in 2019) 90
R&D staff (FTEs in 2019) 40.4
Capital raised (2002 to Dec 2019) >$23.2 million*
Number of start-ups and spinouts preparing to raise capital 7 companies
Number of patent applications by researchers (2019) 13
Number of patents granted to researchers (2019) 9
Number of inventions disclosed to TTOs (2019) 10

*Lower than actual totals due to commercial confidentiality