Journal Covers - Annual Report 2021

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Journal Covers - Annual Report 2021

2 June, 2022

MRS Bulletin C BishopCatherine Bishop and coworkers

Modeling of flash sintering of ionic ceramics
MRS Bulletin 46,
67-75 (2021)




ChemPlusChem 86Matthew Cowan and coworkers

Isolable 1-Butene Copper (I) Complexes and 1-Butene/Butane Separation Using Structurally Adaptable Copper Pyrazolates
ChemPlusChem 86,
349-349 (2021)



Biochemical Journal R DobsonRenwick Dobson and coworkers

Molecular basis of a redox switch: molecular dynamics simulations and surface plasmon resonance provide insight into reduced and oxidised angiotensinogen
Biochemical Journal 478,
3319-3330 (2021)



Chemical Communications 57 E LeitaoErin Leitao and coworker

The link to polysulfides and their applications
Chemical Communications 57,
3161-3296 (2021)




EurJOC E Leitao Page 1Tilo SöhnelErin Leitao and coworkers

The step-wise synthesis of oligomeric phosphoramidates
European Journal of Organic
Chemistry 2021,
5468-5477 (2021)



Journal of Mat Chem C vol 9Jadranka Travas-Sejdic and Peikai Zhang

Fabrication of conducting polymer microelectrodes and microstructures for bioelectronics
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 9,
9730-9760 (2021)



BioPhysicalJournal120 G Willmott et al.tifGeoff Willmott, Catherine Whitby, Bill Williams and coworkers

Depletion of HP1α alters the mechanical properties of MCF7 nuclei
Biophysical Journal 120,
2631-2643 (2021)