New Principal Investigators - Annual Report 2018

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New Principal Investigators - Annual Report 2018

8 April, 2019

Dr Volker Nock

Dr Volker Nock is a Senior Lecturer in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Co- Director and Principal Investigator of the Biomolecular Interactions Centre at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. In his research he uses micro- and nanotechnologies to help increase our understanding of how biological systems function in health or disease.

Derek Kawiti

Derek Kawiti, a senior lecturer in Architecture, has an exemplary track record of iwi engagement and collaboration. He has expertise in the use of digital tools and additive manufacturing (3D printing) and a growing research interest in the cultural value of materials and the intersection between digital design technologies and Māori knowledge.

Associate Professor Nigel Lucas

Associate Professor Nigel Lucas' research is focussed on the designed synthesis of carbon-rich molecules, so that structure-property relationships may be better understood. His well-defined "nanographene"- based molecules are not only photoactive, but have a propensity to stack providing a robust mechanism by which they can be assembled into ordered solids, often with high porosity.

Dr Simon Granville

Dr Simon Granville's research is in the field of spintronics - he investigates the advanced magnetic materials needed to bring about a future generation of energy-efficient, ultra-high-speed and high-performance computer memory and logic that uses the magnetism, or "spin logic", of electrons.

Dr Craig Rofe

Dr Craig Rofe has always been interested in physics as a way to explain the deep workings of the world. He was given an amazing opportunity in working alongside Sir Paul Callaghan as his PhD student. Craig now conducts research in the field of Mātauranga Māori and education.

Dr John Kennedy

Dr John Kennedy is a physics- based materials scientist focused on applied surface science for technological innovation. His team is developing new functional products underpinning ion beam science and nanoscience pioneered by Lord Rutherford.

Dr Jenny Malmström

Dr Jenny Malmström is a senior lecturer at the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Auckland. Her research group uses surface engineering to make new materials. Current applications include controlling cells on surfaces and making new magnetic materials.

Dr Pauline Harris

Dr Pauline Harris, from Rongomaiwahine, Ngāti Rakaipaaka and Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairoa, is a lecturer is the Faculty of Science at Victoria University of Wellington. She has a PhD in astrophysics from Canterbury University on gamma ray bursts as possible sites for high energy neutrino production. She also has significant experience and expertise in how to build bridges between Mātauranga Māori and currently topical areas of scientific research.