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Tech Tasters - Annual Report 2019

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Tech Tasters - Annual Report 2019

15 June, 2020

The Institute’s commercialisation success is built on a pipeline of ideas and opportunities emerging from the lab.

This pipeline is in turn supported by effective grass- roots training and other activities, including ‘business-as-usual’ such as commercialisation workshops, IP training and commercial project seed funding.

In 2019, we ran an inaugural “Tech Tasters” start-up showcase alongside our AMN9 conference and engaged with business mentors XF90 for advanced mentoring of our exceptional entrepreneurs.

Investors such as Matū are attracted to the Institute by our start-up portfolio and our research focus that meets the needs of the global trend towards desirability of “deep tech” and “sustainability” investments.

The MacDiarmid Institute does a great job of connecting exciting deep tech with investors like us that helps get New Zealand's best science and technology out of the lab and into the real world.

Greg Stitters and Dr Andrew Chen Matū Fund